A Revitalizing Transformation for the Historic Site.

DropCap_Original plans for developing the vacant Chronicle Mill site focused on new construction. But when John and Jennifer Church of Chyrch Realty peeled back the outer layers of brick and saw what was revealed underneath – an irreplaceable piece of Belmont’s past – they knew that it was worth preserving. Viewing the mill as a local treasure, they were inspired to create a very different vision for redevelopment of the 6.5-acre site.

transformation-bricksPreserving the Mill’s Legacy

Respecting the mill’s historic and architectural value, the Churches decided to make it the cornerstone of a vibrant, eclectic center of commerce and entertainment. Portions of the building still retain the original heart of pine decking, maple floors, timber beam structure and exposed brick walls. Painstaking steps are being taken to preserve as many of the original architectural details as possible, keeping the mill’s legacy alive – and creating a place that blends perfectly with the timeless appeal of Belmont.