One Development, Eight Uses

dropcapWhat can tenants and visitors expect to find at Chronicle Mill? Plenty. Proposed plans for the 6.5-acre site include a 150,000 sq. ft. complex with eight separate uses:

numbered_1Chronicle Hall – This event space will serve as the biggest public event facility in Gaston County, accommodating large and small groups for concerts, performances, music events, weddings, conferences, exhibitions and more.
numbered_2Chronicle Amphitheater – The stone-and-grass seating will provide the ideal setting for outdoor concerts, festivals and other activities.
numbered_3Restaurants – Patrons can enjoy a meal in their choice of restaurants, conveniently located near the event venues.
numbered_4Brewery/Wine Bar – The spacious lower level of the mill will hold a casual European-style beer hall, with craft beers brewed right on the premises. For wine lovers, the wine bar will provide an upscale haven for sipping a glass or two.
numbered_5Chronicle Green Courtyard – A beautifully landscaped area will provide a pleasant oasis for relaxing and congregating.
numbered_6Café with Lounge Area – With two atriums providing cozy seating arrangements, this will be a popular gathering spot – the place to grab a snack and hang out with friends, family or coworkers.
numbered_7Office Spaces – Businesses can distinguish themselves by having their offices inside a classic turn-of-the-century mill.
numbered_8Boutique Hotel – Guests will enjoy first-class accommodations, surrounded by a host of activities in a one-of-a-kind environment.

Quick Facts About Chronicle Mill

  • The 6.5-acre site is located along Catawba Street (N.C. Highway 7) near downtown Belmont.
  • The $20 million proposed development includes a 150,000 sq. ft. complex.
  • The concept design incorporates event, hospitality, retail and office space.
  • Nearly a third of the proposed development is reserved for event venues, common spaces and green spaces.
building_key floorplan elevation