Artfully Designed for Mixing, Mingling and Milling About.

dropcapAside from its rich history, the most impressive aspect of Chronicle Mill will be its ability to bring people together. The proposed design incorporates a mix of event, hospitality, retail and office space – all thoughtfully arranged to promote foot traffic and maximize use of all facilities. tomorrow-officeRecognizing the local pride in the historic landmark, the design contains a generous measure of common spaces and green spaces providing public access to the site.

An Open, Seamless Flow

Chronicle Mill is all about shared experience. Lovely green spaces and a courtyard will invite passers-by to enter the complex. Once they are inside, an open, seamlessly integrated design will encourage them to move from one area to the next, enjoying every part of the development.tomorrow-amphitheater

Amphitheater patrons can grab a beer and play ping-ping outside the brewery after an outdoor concert. Guests at the boutique hotel can relax in the courtyard while sipping their favorite beverage. Office workers can start each morning with a visit to the café. It’s all here by design. All in one historic place.